film written and directed by
Catarina Neves Ricci
full cast
Valerie Braddell, António Fonseca, Márcia Breia, Jorge Fraga, João Cardoso and Mónica Calle
direction of photography
Sine Vadstrup Brooker
art direction
Nádia Henriques
original soundtrack
Tatu Rönkkö
Hugo Santiago and Paula Miranda
sound editor
Pedro Góis
produced by
Pandora da Cunha Telles and Pablo Iraola
production company
Ukbar Filmes
oriGine films (France)
Film produced with the support of ICA
and Porto Film Commission
2017, Portugal
Maria spends her daytime sewing and cleaning, while at night she works as a prostitute in the streets of downtown Porto. José, her lover and most faithful client, is still around but he can no longer give this 60 year old woman what she has always desired the most. In a raw and intimate portrayal, MARIA fully discloses how love and growing old can hit like.
director's bio
Catarina was born in Lisbon in 1984. While almost graduating in Psychology, she leaves Portugal to undertake Cinema studies in Argentina and Brazil. Since 2009 Catarina has been working in different countries as a director for non-fiction, 1st AD, writer and festival programmer. She lives now between Berlin and Lisbon. MARIA is her first narrative fiction. — website
festivals and awards

march 2018
World premiere
Annual Copenhagen Film Festival
Official competition
Nominated for best drama short and best director
Awarded: best drama short

may 2018
Brazil International Film Festival
Official Competion
Awarded: best short film

july 2018
Alaska Film Awards
Official competition
Awarded: Northern Lights Emerging Talent

Los Angeles Underground Film Forum
Artistic Honorable Contribution Award

november 2018
Festival Signes de Nuit Paris
In Focus

december 2018
Ouchy Film Awards Lausanne
Official Sellection
Nominated for Best Film

Caminhos do Cinema Português
Official Sellection
Awarded: best actress Valerie Braddell and the Honorable Mention for the film from the International Jury

february 2019
Dkf Faktor Berliński
Warsaw, Poland

march 2019
RapidLion - The South African International Film Festival
Official sellection
International Shorts

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